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Lawn Care Services

From lawn mowing to weed control, we offer lawn services that solve your problems.

Lawn Maintenance

grass cutting service
Lawn Mowing
large property mowing service
We offer a high-quality lawn mowing service.  Our emphasis is on consistency and reliability so you can count on a perfectly manicured lawn throughout the entire season.  Our mowing service includes mowing the entire lawn creating crisp lines in the turf, we trim any areas the mower cannot reach, and all defined borders such as beds, walkways, and driveways are edged  All grass clippings are blown off once complete to leave your lawn looking its best.

We make payment simple by sending a bill every month which can be paid online by credit card, over the phone, or via a check by postal mail.

No contracts or upfront payments on our lawn mowing and lawn treatment services.

Lawn Treatment Service

Lawn Mowing

A dependable, trustworthly re-occuring lawn mowing service is what we offer our clients in and near Bethlehem.  We would love to get your lawn on our mowing schedule.  Most lawn mowing quotes are provided immediately upon receipt.  Request your lawn mowing quote today.

Leaf Removal Service

Leaf Removal

If leaves are left on the lawn and landscape during the winter months, there is a great chance disease or fungus could be introduced.  Don’t risk it!  We have the proper equipment to efficiently collect and remove fallen leaves on your property.  Call for your free estimate today.
Pest Control

Pest Control

Pests are, what can we say…pests!  Don’t let these nuisances reak havoc on your lawn or landscape any longer.  Call Ruggiero Landscaping and let our experts come up with a plan to eliminate the pests that are destroying your lawn and landscape before it is too late.

Aerations and Seeding

We also offer an array of seeding services, including core aerations as a stand-alone service.  Methods we use to overseed a lawn include aerating, slice seeding, dethatching, and top dressing.  We will evaluate your lawn to determine which method will yield the best results for your lawn based on its current condition and other factors such as sunlight exposure and soil composition.  We only use grass seed of the highest quality to ensure strong germination rates and resilient turf once established.

Flea and Tick Control

We also offer a service to help protect your children and pets from fleas and ticks.  Our flea and tick treatment service covers your entire lawn to make sure any fleas and ticks that are present are eliminated. We also offer a perimeter application around your entire property line to keep new from entering.

We all know someone who has been affected, in some way, by lime disease.  This service gives you peace of mind to know that your children and pets will be at a much, much lower risk of bringing any of these horrible pests back into the house or suffering from any of the diseases they carry.

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