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Ruggiero Landscaping Services

Our company name pretty much sums it up, Ruggiero Landscaping.  Landscaping services of such quality that I put my name on it, Mike Ruggiero!

Landscape Maintenance

At Ruggiero Landscaping we know your time is valuable and we’re here to help! You can trust us to maintain your property and keep it looking great so that you can spend your time enjoying it!

The landscape maintenance services we provide to Bethlehem, PA residents and surrounding communities include everything your landscape needs to look its best at all times!

  • Mulch and/or decorative stone installation
  • 1-time property cleanups
  • Flower bed cleanouts
  • Shrub trimming
  • Small tree pruning
  • Spring and Fall cleanups
  • Weeding and weed prevention

Year-round landscape maintenance programs are available!

Before and After

overgrown landscape management
overgrown landscape management

No matter how overgrown your current landscaping is, we can bring it back to life!  Just look at the dramatic difference in the images above!

Pool Landscaping

Mulch Installation

A fresh coat of mulch once a year really does make a huge difference to the aesthetics of your landscape.  Many of our clients have us mulch their properties twice a year to keep it looking it’s best year round.  All beds are edged before your preference of mulch is applied.  We also clear out any existing weeds and apply a pre-emergent herbicide to limit future weeds from entering the beds.
Pruning Service

Shrub Trimming

Improper pruning or trimming of plants and shrubs can stunt growth, cut off flower buds, or worse, kill your plants.  No need to worry.  We are very familiar with the plants that grow in our climate zone.  Let our experts handle the pruning and cleanup for you.
fall cleanup service

Landscape Cleanup

Overtime weeds will enter landscape beds, limbs will fall from shrubs and trees, and leaves will gather at the base of the plants.  We are happy to clean up your landscape beds and make them look nice and neat once again.  No matter how big or small of a job you have, our team members are up for the tasks.  Spend your free time doing what you want and leave the yard work to us.
Landscaping installation service


fall cleanup services


landscape maintenance


property maintenance company


estate property management
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We take great pride in offering top of the line landscaping and maintenance services.  We are fully capable and willing to provide simple, one-time landscape jobs such as weed management, pruning and trimming shrubs, installing fresh mulch, and much more.  If you are the D-I-Y type and enjoy landscaping or don’t need us to take care of all of your landscaping needs, you can contact us anytime if you can’t come up with a solution on your own or just need some help.

Contact us any way you prefer to schedule an appointment with Mike to set up a free consultation.  We also offer complete design and build services for those looking to radically change their current landscaping.  This gives our clients the opportunity to increase their quality of life by extending their indoor living space to their yard while increasing the value of their home at the same time.  Learn more about our design and build services.

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We cater to residents in Bethlehem who understand true value and appreciate our commitment to providing the best service possible.  If you are looking for one company to handle any and all of your lawn and landscape needs, we are apt and ready to handle this responsibility. 

Contact us to schedule your consultation with Mike Ruggiero today.


Our team at Ruggiero Landscaping knows that your time is valuable. Let us do the dirty work of cleaning up your property so you can get back to enjoying it.

Our property cleanups for residents of Bethlehem, PA, and surrounding communities include cleaning out flower beds, removing weeds, remove fallen leaves, cut back perennials, trim shrubs, prune small trees.

Let us know how we can help maintain your landscape today!