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We have the education and experience to transform your landscape into a dreamscape.

Landscape Design Services

We can create and install a new garden or do a complete makeover of your existing gardens. Does the landscape around your residential or commercial property need improvement? We have the knowledge and experience to help solve the problem. Please tell us about your landscaping ideas, renovation plans or design/installation requirements. We are here to help!

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Circular Paver Patio

Landscape Design

Whether you are wanting to rip out an old landscape and replace it with something new, or just want new gardens created, Mike Ruggiero will listen to you and then create a design that not only looks great at the time of installation, but will look great a decade or two decades from now with the plants are fully mature.

We also specialize in the redesign/refurbishment of your existing gardens.  Often, after several years certain shrubs become too large for their location, create more maintenance than you’d like or they simply die.

If this is a problem you have then we can help!!  Mike will meet with you go over the problem areas, find out exactly what you’d like to change and go over your options.

Hardscape Company

Walls & Pavers

We installed all wall blocks and paver stones per the recommended guidelines to ensure long-lasting results.  We work with manufactured and natural stone to turn the design you see in your head into a reality.
Flagstone Installer


Flagstone is becoming even more popular these days, and we specialize in slate and flagstone patios and walks.  If this is the look and feel you are wanting for your landscape, we are the contractor that can make it happen.
Water Feature Contractor

Water Features

Nothing puts the mind at ease after a long days work quite like a professionally designed and installed water feature.  We also incorporate water falls upon request.  The sound of flowing water creates an ambiance like no other.
Design/Build Company


Plant Installation


Stamped Concrete


Retaining Wall Installation


Pool Landscaping
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One of our favorite things to do is revamp an old overgrown landscape or install a new landscape from scratch.  Our communication in this process is what sets up apart from the rest.  We listen to your wants and needs and then incorporate those items into the landscape of your dreams.  Our owner, Mike Ruggiero, designs all of the new installations. 

Sometimes our clients need drawings in order to visualize the finished project.  We can provide those when necessary, but oftentimes mike can draw you a perspective sheet of your finished project, or we can provide color drawings.  Mike uses a unique combination of computer-aided design along with his own artistic abilities to make sure you know what the finished project will look like. 

We are aware that in-depth drawings and blueprints aren’t always necessary.  However, your home and landscape are a significant investment.  We understand this and will make sure you stay in the know along the way as we bring your dream backyard into a reality.  You can count on us to work with you closely through the entire process, exceed your expectations, increase your and your family’s quality of life, and increase the value of your home at the same time.

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Hardscape features can really put an already beautiful landscape over the top.  We install all of our hardscape projects by the book to ensure they look good for many years to come.  We are licensed with the state of Pennsylvania Home Improvement Contractors and can be found on their website.  Flagstone is becoming very popular and we specialize in flagstone patios and walks.