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About Ruggiero Landscaping

Owner of Ruggiero Landscaping

Mike Ruggiero

Licensed HIC PA

About the Owner

Mike earned his Bachelor of Science from Temple University in 2006.  His formal education includes landscape architecture, architecture, and community planning.

When he’s not busy in the office designing landscapes or out in the field helping with the crews, Mike enjoys, hiking, fishing, spending time with both his family, and of course his beloved little beagle named Bella.

Landscaping Experience

In addition to his formal education and design skills, Mike has over 18 years of hands-on experience in the landscape industry.  He started landscaping at a young age and spent many years as a laborer while learning the masonry and hardscaping trades.  Eventually, after becoming a crew leader he learned how to manage other employees and become comfortable talking to customers.  Over the years Mike did spend time cutting grass, identifying weeds, diseases, and other turf grass issues.

Mike is present on every new job and is always available to answer any questions you may have.

Our Unique Selling Proposition

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What sets us apart from the other landscaping companies in our market?

First and most importantly, our dedication and pledge to being as Earth-Friendly as possible when performing all our services.  We offer a completely organic lawn care program for interested customers as well as a transitional program for customers who have been using traditional methods of fast release fertilizers, weed and pest control for a longer period of time.

Our Mission and commitment to creating sustainable landscapes and improving our environment aren’t the only things that set Ruggiero Landscaping apart from the competition.

Our professionalism, knowledge, experience and ability to perform the services we offer, our superior customer service, (which includes everything from our Simple and Fast Estimating System to our Simple and Easy Invoicing System), overall attention to detail as well as the fact that Owner, Mike Ruggiero always allows for and keeps an open line of communication with our customers are things that customers gave us as reasons for returning to us season after season.

Hiring a new landscaper is a process and we understand that your time is valuable.  We pride ourselves on making this process as smooth and enjoyable as possible for our customers. When it comes to providing QUOTES most of our Landscape Maintenance Service Prices can be given without having to setup a personal meeting.

For Lawn Mowing, Lawn Care and Snow/Ice Management we can measure your property/lawn/driveway, etc. online with our mapping software and provide a quote within hours or even minutes.  If you are interested in a One Time Maintenance Service such as a Spring Cleanup, Shrub Trimming or Pruning, Fall Cleanup, Mulching, Edging, any other more involved Landscape Maintenance issue or a Year-Round Landscape Maintenance Package and a site visit is needed the homeowner, in many cases doesn’t need to be home when we come to take a look unless of course, they choose to be there. In that case, we work with you to  make sure we schedule a meeting on the soonest possible date and at a time that’s convenient for you.